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ridiculous. it is 56 degrees in d.c., 64 degrees right now in atlanta. that's with no sunshine at all. that's the morning low. it's incredible. we have some rain out there. but a fog is probably more of a problem than the rain this morning. the visibility now, new york city, half a mile. half a mile in hartford. about a quarter mile in philadelphia. okay in boston. but, you know, it's hit and miss. you can go in one valley, it's dense as could be, especially near rivers. other areas are not bad. d.c. is okay right now i'm sure philadelphia and new york city airport also have big problems. the highways and your morning commute also problematic. rain streaming up through new orleans, alabama and mississippi. expect rain in virginia, too. the windchills, minneapolis to denver, all of the northern plains, it's a frigid morning. even dallas has an 18 degree windchill. this has been a crazy weather pattern as of late, at least there's no big ice or snowstorms heading anywhere soon. >> that's good news. >>> all eyes in the auto world are on motor city today as the media gets a sneak peek at the ho
evening. i'm diane dwyer. >>> the niners were down early in atlanta but fought back to win 28-24. now they're heading to new orleans to take on either the patriots or ravens in the super bowl. we have team coverage for you tonight with live reports from atlanta and from san francisco. we want to begin with henry wofford. it was stressful. >> it was, diane. the niners can count their super bowl victories on one
hope everybody enjoyed it. you have one more day. 60 degrees in raleigh and atlanta. 60 in tampa. west ward that's where the cold air is your current temperature not windchill but actual thermometer temperature is 4 below zero in denver 2 below in rapid city. very chilly high temperatures in the teens. in denver 21 will be the high. 12 over in minneapolis. very warm southeast 80s in tampa. 55 will be the high temperature in new york city. we are dealing with a cold front headed eastbound with shower from the southeast up to the northeast. we have poor visibility and misty conditions. dense fog in new york city along the i 95 corridor. >> felt like that this morning a little wet. >> thank you very much maria. we will check back. >>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. are you possibly cutting back because you are paycheck tax hike. lauren simonetti joins us with more on this. most americans buy tomorrow will have experienced this hit in their paycheck. >> already 134 million americans are feeling the 2 percentage point increase in the social security tax. that's expect to do dr
, sleet and black ice posing a threat from the mid south to the northeast. jennifer joins us from atlanta. >> you have the rain there, but we're still talking about freezing rain affecting the tennessee valley as well as the lower mississippi valley. the radar is lighting up with rain. you can see the wintry mix. as we zoom in for you, for areas like eastern tennessee as well as into kentucky, you'll be dealing with that wintry mix. we are seeing thing things clearing out to the west and down towards the south, including parts of alabama as well as into georgia, including atlanta. heavy rainfall some of these locations we're talking another one to two inches of rainfall. up to the north, snow is going to be the big story. we're already getting that report for areas like new york as well as into central parts of connecticut as well as into pennsylvania. as we help you time this out for you, for the ice storm warning, it will really come to an end about 6:00 a.m. central time for areas including parts of the lower mississippi valley. and for regions like pittsburgh as well as into parts of
tied a franchise record with nine three pointers against atlanta. in the closing seconds, he made a three-point play to give the knicks a 106-104 victory over the hawks. >>> in doubletime, paul pierce led the celtics to a win over the heat. rajjon rondell will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. >>> tiger woods will have a six-shot lead when play -- when he plays in the pga farmer insurance open today. over the years, woods is a seven-time winner at the torrey pines court in southern california. >>> all right. ahead, actor burt reynolds spent the weekend in intensive care at a florida hospital. we'll have details. >>> plus, when actors honor other action horse at the screen actors guild awards awards. >>> and did ashton kutcher's job make him sick to his stomach? >>> welcome back to "early today." the big weather story is the severe weather outbreak tuesday and wednesday. notice this area of yellow under a slight risk. possible to moderate risk tomorrow. again, chance of tornadoes in the area and strong damaging winds going over the mississippi river. throughout the ni
relationships. georgia state in atlanta topped the list of schools, nyu second, temple is third. >>> other higher education news, a study finds the more money parents contributed to the kids education the lower their grade. it's not a big enough effect to make the students fail out of college but parents assume the more financial support they give the better their child will x<perform in school. >>> weddings are popular, there are a lot of brides out there, right now planning for their special day. as elizabeth tells us tonight, there are plenty of people out there planning to take advantage of the brides to be. >> they treat brides and grooms like human atms. >> they are the authors of bridal bargains , the wedding industry doesn't want you to read. over the span of 24 years, they mystery shopped at 1000 stores uncovering secrets of the marital market. >> when somebody is planning the wednesdaying. >> the last thing they want to think of, are you going to rip me off? >> tough be a smart consumer. some of this isn't romantic. >> reporter: what they call, the mercedes syndrome. >> we spoke
of atlanta. a 14-year-old student is shot at price middle school on the south side of the city. the child is breathing and treated at a local hospital. a teacher is injured, possibly trampled in the confusion. police have a suspect in custody. clearly many unanswered questions in the early investigation but a recent in a rash of school shootings that are all putting pressure on congress to act. and a new tactic adding to that pressure, economic shaming. former investment banker and current chicago mayor emanuel is leading advocates to pressure banks to divest from gun manufacturers, persuaded a $5 million pension fund in chicago to divest and now california's fund for teachers frozen or divested investments in gun makers. philadelphia mayor nutter compares the strategy to the one used to pressure company that is did business with the apartheid government of south africa. our next guest shining a light on the dirty dozen, 12 big corporate investors that back the gun industry. please welcome current public advocate for city of new york, bill deblazio. how are you? >> great. thank you. >> ec
it really should be. >> jonathan mann joins us live from atlanta. jonathan, this is just such a perplexing story. blindness aside, these twins had no other ailment seemingly. their health was fine, and yet legally this was allowed to be carried out? >> reporter: absolutely right. they weren't in pain and had long years ahead of them, but under belgium law, severe psychological suffering is enough to justify a doctor's decision, if they want to make that decision, to help patients commit suicide, and that's, in fact, what happened. and to make a point, they couldn't hear. they were losing their sight. but they used sign language as deaf people, as blind-deaf people and there are terns of thousands of them in the united states. they could have used tactile forms of sign language. it really was a very particular decision and not one that agrees with people's instincts about right and wrong. >> you alluded to it, that the doctors agreed. is that a moral decision the doctors have to make there? or are they required to do as they're asked by the citizenry? >> reporter: there is a law in belgium
at the possibility of tornadoes. here is a closer look at the tornado warning to the north and west of atlanta and georgia. on the northern side of the storm system we are talking about snowfall, winter storm warnings right now in effect across iowa, wisconsin with up to eight inches of snow possible, factor in the wind and it is going to feel very cold. i want to show you why we're looking at this risk for severe weather. it's been very warm. tuesday we set a number of record-high temperatures. it was 63 degrees in chicago yesterday. today you're looking at temperatures in chicago only into the upper 30s, and it's that sharp contrast with the hot temperatures, the cold temperatures that fires up this violent weather. >> reporter: a wild ride with rough weather over the next several hours, thank you for the update. jon: we have a massive recall to tell you about involving some of the best selling cars in the country, details on that coming up. and new information on a desperate standoff in alabama, a man kills a bus driver, kidnaps a six-year-old and holes up apparently in an underground bunke
misses. he would have won the game if he weren't a college coach. >> no doubt about it. >> atlanta gets the home game next weekend. >> atlanta gets the home game against a great san francisco team. the quarterback is absolutely out of his mind, ran for 180 yards or so. >> 188 yards. >> like he was chasing a car down a highway is what somebody said. >> unbelievable. >> said he makes a new model for what a qb should be. >> absolutely. >> and then "the golden globes" last night. >> bradley cooper got ripped off. i actually saw his movie, and i did not walk out. it's really good. >> it's really good. >> really? >> and it gets you. it's one of those movies that gets better after you left and you start thinking about it. that, to me, is a sign of -- he did a wonderful -- he got ripped off! >> he was really great. >> just amazing. "argo" won. you love "argo." >> that was great. i thought that worked. i actually watched. i'm pop cultured. >> jennifer lawrence won. >> jennifer lawrence won, yeah, definitely. >> she was wonderful. >> she was really good in that movie. >> the actress from "zero da
. jonathan serrie more live tonight in atlanta. home of the cdc. what else there are officials saying tonight. jonathan? >> hi, bill. even though they are still getting reports of spotty vaccine shortages. cdc officials say doctors who run out of vaccine it's not too late for them to order more. manufacturers now believe that they will have produced a total of 145 million doses of flu vaccine over the course of this season. that's 10 million more doses than their previous estimate. you should still be able to get threw shots although you may have to call several places before you find a pharmacy or doctor's office that's fully stocked. bill? >> they say we are likely half way through this thing; is that right? >> that is right. that is because a typical flu season lasts around 12 weeks. we are around the half way mark. flu activity is showing signs it's beginning to decline this season. however, experts say flu related hospitalizations may continue to increase over the next week we are sighing high hospital rate. for laboratory proven flu it's 82 per 100,000 people 65 years of age and older.
in atlanta tomorrow. so that cold front that's been slow to move eastward but it's going to knock back temperatures to average for the rest of the week. >> we're enjoying the warm weather while we have it. >>> just ahead, oddsmakers are already betting on whether will and kate's baby will be born on grandma princess diana's birthday. >>> how well did tina fey and amy poehler do at this year's "golden globes"? you'll find out. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects and many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay. pull out the paper and...what!!?? an article that says a typical family pays $155,000 in "wall street" fees on their 401(k)s? seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it, "401k 155k." then go to e-trade. and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retireme
. >>> and here the money shot contest you have to see to believe. an atlanta hawks fans throws the shot overhand and gets stuck between the back of the rim and the back board. they awarded him the $1,000 prize anyway. >>> and now for another look at the weather, here's nbc's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> the worst part of this storm is going to be this morning in areas of new england especially. that's where we'll have the most significant travel impacts and the most school cancellations and delays. a lot of delays out of this storm. the snow is really just begun to accumulate through areas of connecticut, massachusetts, and rhode island. we had a lot of sleet overnight in northern new jersey and back into areas of central pennsylvania. snow tapering off through pennsylvania and southern new york. as far as totals go, enough to plow from the catskills and hudson valley through much of massachusetts and northern connecticut and rhode island and then a little plowing is needed around portland and areas of new hampshire. three inches for them. not a big deal. this
. >> to you guys he might be known as a rapper but in atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mama's. >>brian: for all his baby's mama's, here's bad news. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: you take a couple of days off and they cancel "all my baby's mamas." >>gretchen: must have been signing all the petitions. >>brian: the guy's rich any way. we shouldn't feel bad for him. >>steve: first welcome back from a couple of days off down in the sun, i think. >>brian: right. i was in -- turks and caicos. >>gretchen: i feel sorry for those children in that situation, not necessarily the babies' daddy. we have breaking news. a chopper goes down in the middle of london, leaving the pilot and passenger dead. it happened south of the thames river near the british spy agency and 10 pwhraobgs from the waterloo -- blocks from the waterloo train station. the horrific scene unfolding at the height of the morning commute when thousands of people were trying to get to work. >> we just heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter plane flying over. we thought it was a terrorist attack and we kept s
50s across atlanta and also the city of raleigh, north carolina. we are actually going to be tracking a little bit of snow today across places in the central plains. already seeing some of that across parts of oklahoma and kansas. eventually, you guys, we are going to be seeing a little bit of snow showers into the mid-atlantic later on tonight into tomorrow morning. including right here new york city. but no accumulation. >> marie a thanks so much for that update. let's talk about this story. you heard it on fox news for the past several weeks. that is john hammar. he is the former marine who served in iraq and afghanistan who was then going for r and r in costa rica with a buddy. he crossed the border into mexico with gahanna. he he thought he had registered it and filled out all the proper paperwork but he didn't. he ended up being locked up in a mexican prison for five months. well, his father is now speaking out about just how -- what bad shape he is in. >> it's not just r and r that he was going down for a is surfing trip. he had post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues.
from houston to new orleans and in atlanta, flooding is a possibility, as well. parts of west virginia and ohio could pick up a couple of inches of snow and windy in the northeast. >> the midwest will shiver in the cold air. minneapolis in the mid teens. the rose parade will get off to a chilly support. seattle and portland in the upper 30s. the northeast, seasonable. miami is our hot spot. a balmy 81. >> that's where i'm going next new year's, miami. >> sounds like a plan. >>> 2012 has seen a lot of ups and downs in the world of sports. >> brandi hitt takes a look back at the highlights and the low lights. >> reporter: the sports world gave us plenty to remember in 2012. in the nfl, eli manning and the giants orchestrated another improbable comeback win over the patriots. >> i truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. >> reporter: after being cut by the colts, peyton manning close to play for the broncos and proved he still has what it takes. and the colts needed luck to replace manning for a playoff run and rallied behind their coach's battle with leukemia. >> i'm dancing to two mor
! and on the bottom. thousands of people gathered in atlanta to watch the peach drop at the stroke of midnight to usher in 20-13. we will be right back. the house of representatives are going to reconvene on a vote to pass the fiscal cliff... details, coming up. and new laws... even alameda county charging for paperbackg (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning thank you for joining us. top stories we are following the latest out of washington. voting for april but would keep texas from going up on most americans. the latest on the fiscal cliff. we are waiting for the house of representatives. to see if we can avoid the fiscal cliff and also watching the bay area weather. checking in with with your holiday forecast. >> happy 2013. clear skies and sunshine a bit chilly in the north bay. we did have some areas of a frost but that sunshine will stick around. 50s. this frees one in will go into effect and the frost advisory. freeze-- will go into effect-36 in santa rosa. we are no longer freezing but upper 40's in oakland. i will show you where t
what? it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: now atlanta pass tore louie giglio has done good work in his life, but also has terrible things to say about gay americans. he gave this sermon called in search of a standard christian response to homosexuality in the 1990's. >> homosexuality is less than god's best for his creation. it is less than god's best fours and everything in our lives. >> cenk: yeah. here's what i love. guys who think they're talking to god. i heard the voice of god. did he tell you where it said you shouldn't eat shrimp because you're going to hell. he didn't tell you that part. he did focus on the one part that they talk about not the part where if you wear two different types of clothing it's an domination and you'll serve in hell forever. that gets left out. this part doesn't of the of the >> cenk: can you imagine gays having the same standing in our society at anyone else? my god what would we do if we didn't have that kind of hateful discrimination. that's a really good point. his detractors say that was 15 years ago. his proponents say that. gay rights activists
wrapped up a conference in atlanta that attracted more than 60,000 college students. >>> the future of afghanistan and the plan to withdraw u.s. troops will be discussed today and meetings with president barack obama, vice president joe biden and of agab stand's president hamid karzai. both heads of state will take part in a joint news conference coming up in about three hours from now. cnn's wolf blitzer and gloria borger will anchor our live special coverage. >>> the department of transportation is going to conduct a comprehensive review of the boeing 787 dreamliner's critical systems including design, manufacturing and assembly. secretary ray lahood spoke just moments ago. >> we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> the 787 has had a difficult week, several jets were involved in public incidents, including a fire in the battery compartment and a fuel leak. >>> some amazing pictures to show you out of australia. check this out. wow! it's a red dust storm. looks almost like a wall of fire, doesn't it? i
rain, too. could leave some isolated flooding. in the southeast, we're watching atlanta. birmingham and montgomery for your storms and possible tornadoes as we go throughout the morning hours till about noon today. a lot of nasty weather out there. be prepared for it throughout the eastern half of the country. washington, d.c., you could even be near 70 degrees today's before those storms arrive. absolutely incredible. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. i'm jennifer hudson. i hate getting up in the morning. i love bread. i love cheese. did i say i love chocolate? i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's because i do. and you can too. because when a weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. join for free and expect amazing. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy ha
thousands gathered in atlanta to watch the peach drop at the stroke of midnight to usher in the new year. lots going on this morning. including lawmakers not taking today off. they are trying to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. they went beyond a midnight deadline. now they have to hammer out a deal and see if the house can do more about that. we'll tell you the details coming up. >>> the new year means new laws. >> what it will cost you starting today. and celebrations all across the globe as the morning news continues in two minutes from now.
. organizers are planning more news conferences at auto shows in chicago, in atlanta in the next few months. they're not going to give up. they're hoping the attention will simply help the workers in canton to get a choice about organizing. to be fair, not all of the employees want the union. nissan told us today that they just think a few employees are pushing for the vote. and it's understandably a full-time worker at a nissan assembly plant in canton, mississippi makes about $24.50 an hour. a long-time uaw worker makes $28 per hour. it's a good living. workers tell us they like their jobs there. >> there is a lot of people that want to be here. and this job, this place can change a lot of lives. and, you know, the pride, it's in the vehicles themselves. >> but here is the problem. workers have the right to organize. it's the law. and nissan has a reputation for beating back the unions. this summer, nissan's ceo promised not to pressure the employees. he told reuters we will naturally remain very neutral on this. but that same ceo reportedly made a big screen anti-union speech to workers
at an atlanta middle school and remains hospitalized. the suspect, a fellow student, has been apprehended. keep that in mind as you listen to the right wing voices resisting even common sense gun restrictio restrictions. they emptied their entire bag of tricks, everything from why have laws to citizens need military caliber guns because police budgets have been slashed but one argument made by gayle trotter was slippery and misleading. one democratic senator called her bluff. here is the sequence at a hearing designed to consider whether assault weapons should be banned. trotter told the story of a single mother who used a gun to protect herself and her baby. jild like to begin with the compelling story of sarah mckinley, home alone with her baby, she called 911 when two violent intruders began to break down her front door. as the intruders forced their way into her home, miss mckinley fired her weapon fatally wounding one of the violent attackers. the other fled. >> no mention of the type of weapon the woman used. in fact, the woman defended herself with a shotgun. and a pistol. neither of whi
. 50s from atlanta to new orleans. >>> this next one is from our don't get mad, get even file. if you've ever been furious about your property tax bill, which can sometimes be more than your mortgage payment, here's a new folk hero. >> larry tried to may his $14,000 tax bill, so he came back with the whole thing in coins. >> he raided his grand kid's piggy banks and yes, the town took the money after spending a few hours counting to make sure it was all there. that is classic. have you ever touched your daughter's piggy bank? >> no, only to help her get it out. >> i needed money to do laundry and i borrowed it, but i paid it back. >> i've given her a $20 for like two $10s. when we were kids, we had like $3. >> kids are so greedy. >>> you've seen these guys on the beach hoping to score some lost jewelry or change. >> one prospector hit the jackpot. you could say he got the golden ticket. his metal detecter discovered a massive gold nugget, as in 11 pounds. >> the price of gold nearly $1700 an ounce. it's expected to sell for about $300,000. >> i've got to get me one of those things. >>
in washington. the hartford courant -- in atlanta georgia, independent, what are your thoughts, theron? caller: i am libertarian in atlanta. i was struck by two things from the speech. one of them was something he said and if another was something he did not say. he made a point about climate change and his concern for future generations. i was struck by the contradiction in that he does not appear to have much concern about the future generations when it comes to the debt that this country is forcing upon them. regarding what he did not say if there was no mention in his litany of things he wants to do on his leftist agenda regarding tax reform, which is something republicans and democrats i don't think want to see happen, because it is the core of the chronic capitalism that basically finances both of the political parties and something that would be a good thing for america if we were to get rid of the irs and income tax and repeal the 16th amendment? and go to a fair tax like libertarian gary johnson promoted in the past election. host: on twitter -- james in dickinson, texas, democratic c
in the championship game taking on the atlanta falcons. winner heading to that super bowl. niners and colin kaepernick are in santa clara right now expected to fly out to atlanta this afternoon. of course at 4:00 the sharks out of that lockout get a chance to get the season going. a shortened 48-game season. they will start off in calgary sunday afternoon. the puck drops at 4:00. if you want to do something before that, how about get outside. christina loren says it will be nice. >> it really is, jon. good morning to you. and you know we're forecasting rain next weekend. enjoy your days off with beautiful weather. 36 degrees in san jose to start. chilly. you want to dress for two very different parts of the day. high pressure is going to bring the storm track way to our north and our temperatures up into the 70s in some bay area cities right by the beach as a matter of fact. santa cruz today, hitting 70 degrees. 67 here in san jose. meanwhile, 67 for fremont. 67 in san francisco. in the weekend, even warmer. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> overall it's a friday commute pretty typical.
south. jacksonville, tampa, atlanta, ft. myers, miami. and the snow in the north and northeast. this is going to happen later tonight. a lot of places will see that snow around midnight. you have a dry day today. get the errands run because it could be three to four inches of snow in the pink zones. and the white and the gray zones close to new york city could get an inch of snow. there's rain going on in the inner mountain west. and an icy situation in >> all that weather is brought to you by angie's list. >>> and clare bowen is here this morning. she is one of the hottest stars. scarlet o'connor is the character. she's a waitress and aspiring artist who is taking on the biggest stars in town. it's a rough competition going on there. first, let me just say, when i hear you speak, you're not really from nashville. where are you from originally? >> i'm from a very small town at the bottom of australia. >> yeah. it's australia. it's a beautiful accent. was it tough to get that southern country twang in there? >> i came into the casting with it. and it's been something i've been a
. the disgraced cyclist competed in the 1996 games in atlanta. the doping scandal that now surrounds armstrong could bring down the sport of cycling in olympic games. cycling may be pulled from the games if the scandal implicating top cycling officials inside the international cycling union, the sports' governing body. more on armstrong's latest trouble in a live report from austin, texas. >>> to another developing story this morning in north africa, in algeria, where the fate of several americans remains unknown. they were taken hostage yesterday during an attack by islamic militants. happened at a gas field owned partly by bp. two people have been killed, and there are reports this morning that some of those hostages have escaped. defense secretary leanne pa net leon panetta not mincing words. >> by all indication this is is a terrorist act and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> cnn's dan rivers is in london. dan, there are so many different stories going around that the compoun
, than florida, sam? >> oh, yeah. windchills were still in the 20s as far south as atlanta and north florida. but let's get to this. the coldest air of the season so far still sitting from the midwest all the way to the northeast today. take a look at these windchills you're facing this morning. and as we show you these pictures, incredible pictures of people working in that cold air. bundled up in the cold air. mt. washington, new hampshire, an 86-degree below windchill. new york city, 2 below. now, 24 states, again today have winter weather watches, warnings or advisories. this is the coldest part of this air. and it gets better after this. but, i tell you, a lot of people have faced these cold air. and some of the folks, no one knows it better than where our alex perez is standing right now in chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. part of the problem is how quickly everything freezes. take a look at this building. it caught fire tuesday. it rekindled wednesday. and it's transformed into a complete icebox. this morning, from the upper midwest, all the way to
is most at risk. elizabeth is live in atlanta. i just got a text for my 28-year-old cousin was a teacher in los angeles and she said she's back in urgent care. so this thing is definite is still on the rise, right? yes, this remains one of the worst flu seasons that we have seen so far. the cdc reporting a more pediatric deaths this week, bringing the total up to 37 deaths as far as pediatric cases are concerned. nationally speaking, cases are leveling off, but we are still seeing an increase in some areas. in general, new england and the midwest, we are seeing a decline in cases. but in the southwest and parts of the northwest we are seeing an increase of cases. the cdc says more than 133 million doses of the influenza vaccine have been distributed. they predict at least 145 million would be produced before the end of the season. so they are still available. that being said, some pharmacies have been running out of the vaccine but it's just a matter of doing your background check. take the time, do a little research and you will be able to still get a vaccine. arthel: is there a group t
appreciate that. live in atlanta for us. >> look at all those. >> i know. i would never put nine tea spoons of sugar in my mouth. >> 45 minutes after the hour. flooding rain and icy roads. trouble making weather is on the docket and all here in the northeast. we will look at all of that. >> good morning again. here's the deal. what we have got is the stalled front. areas of low pressure riding along and bringing everything from rain, sleet, to freezing rain and snow as well. philadelphia south, that's kind of where the problems will be today. we will talk about what happens tonight and tomorrow in a second. dallas has sleet and freezing rain and snow. temperatures there at about 33 degrees. it's only for the next couple of minutes. they will shake it off by the next hour or so. here's the freezing rain and the ice storm warnings for today. memphis in and out of jack to arkansas. the potential for a quarter to a half inch of ice and even a quarter inch of ice does damage to power lines and sags on trees. a half inch of ice adds 500 pounds to the trees. that's a lot of weight. here's what's h
and show you exactly what happened. here's the system. here's adiresville along i-75 north of atlanta. it pushes through around 11:15 yesterday morning. you can see the heavy precipitation coming down. it continues through and the good news, this was a quick moving system. take a look. we had 13 confirmed tornadoes touching down. 664 thunderstorm wind gusts reports. as the day wears on, they continue to move to the east. as you can see, we have 11 more unconfirmed tornadoes that will be investigated today. ahead of this system, a lot of rain. wind gusts over 70 miles an hour. thousands are without power in the northeast. behind it, a lot of snow to talk about. we'll have that coming up in the next 10 minutes. >> thank you. >>> to the drama still unfolding this morning where a suspect is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in his underground bunker. gabe is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. in that underground bunker, police have been working more than 36 hours to free this 5-year-old boy. so far, he is unharmed. police have been able to bring his medicine and a color
as atlanta and north florida. let's get to this. the coldest air of the season the midwest to the northeast today. look at these windchills you're facing this morning. and as we show you these pictures, incredible pictures of people working in that cold air. bundled in the cold air. mt. washington, new hampshire, an 86-degrees below windchill. now, 24 states, again today have winter weather watches, warnings or advisories. this is the coldest part of this air. and it gets better after this. a lot of people have faced these cold air. and some of the folks, no one knows it better than where our alex perez is standing in chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. right now, the problem here in chicago and in the areas dealing with this extreme cold is how quickly everything is freezing. going to step out of the way here. look at this warehouse behind me here. this building ught fire on tuesday. and authorities are still here trying to extinguish the flames. now, part of the problem is that the water they are using has turned this place into a huge icebox. this morning, from t
to the weather, where it is not warm, either. even in atlanta. they are going to see mostly just a cold rain this morning, right around 34 degrees. look what's going to happen. to the north, along the front, that's where we worry about the icing. knoxville area just got an ice warning. i've seen pictures of flipped cars. it's happening. and by tonight, most of the precipitation is over. much warmer to the south of there, too. providence, 26. dallas, 64. >> lara, we have a big hello from bemaw, texas. >>> here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." online revenge. how men are targeting their ex-girlfriends. and now, how women are turning the tables on them. >>> big expectations for beyonce at the super bowl. her song list for the big game now can be revealed. >>> and sharon osbourne is here with us, live. what she has to say about her fight with gaga and so much more, as you can probably imagine. >>> all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. abby needs everything to throw a big party for the big game. let's see if walmart's low price guarantee can ma
in atlanta. ayers was involved in a townhouse bombing in new york city that left three people dead. >>steve: singer james taylor says he knows what gun owners want. >> i think the majority of us feel strongly, even the majority of gun owners feel strongly that we need to make some sacrifice to our freedoms if that's the way to put it. >>brian: is he wearing scalia's hat? >>steve: taylor made the comment after performing at the inauguration. advocates very concerned about the president's proposal on gun control if you take aspirin, it can triple your chances of going blind. those who take it on a regular basis can cause age related macular degeneration. >>gretchen: they tell you to take it for your heart and blood thinning. >>steve: the low dose. >>gretchen: watch this. a huge lighting fixture falls from above landing on the child during a meet in wisconsin. he had just gotten into position to start up the match again when it happened. luckily he only needed a few stitches. no word on what caused the light to fall. talk about the chances. that fell right on top of him. >>brian: wrestlers are
, south africa; nairobi, kenya; accra, ghana; new york city; atlanta, georgia; jackson, mississippi; or memphis, tennessee the cry is always the same "we want to be free." [applause] and another reason that i'm happy to live in this period is that we have been forced to a point where we're going to have to grapple with the problems that men have been trying to grapple with through history, but the demand didn't force them to do it. survival demands that we grapple with them. men, for years now, have been talking about war and peace. but now, no longer can they just talk about it. it is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence in this world; it's nonviolence or nonexistence! [applause] that is where we are today. and also in the human rights revolution, if something isn't done, and done in a hurry, to bring the colored peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed. [applause] now, i'm just happy that god has allowed me to live in this period, to see what is unfolding. allowedhappy that he's me to be
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